Many musicians  with low fan-base find it difficult to earn from their craft as earning is always determined by huge number of plays/streams. Ngsound was launched to help independent artiste and even signed artiste to earn royalties for their hard-work. We are the highest paying music portal you will ever come across as you earn as high as N50 per play.

How We Work?

Firstly you have to have an account with us.

Secondly you have to fund your wallet. Music upload is not free on Ngsound. We charge one time fee of N2,000 only for each song you upload.

Thirdly Properly Upload your songs with artwork, song title, tags, description then wait for song to completely upload then click publish.

Fourthly Share your links and send friends, fans, etc to play your song and get as high as N50 per play.

Refer and Earn

You can benefit greatly from our referral system. Refer musicians, producers, DJ, beat makers etc and earn ₦1000 each time your referrals uploads a new track. Login to your account to get your referral link.

NOTE: Above video says N5 per play......This was our rates when we started. Rate is now N50 per play


Why should i pay to upload my song?

To cover server space, site maintenance fees and staffs. We generate money from displaying advertisements on our site and musicians get the whole cash earned from adverts, we don't keep any amount to ourselves, enabling us pay high amounts per play. In summary we earn from upload fees and give all advertisements fees to artiste.

What Is Minimum Withdrawal?

You can make request once you have above N2,000.

Why was my account banned?

When you try to cheat us you will surely get banned. No VPN/ Proxy is allowed. Trying to induce means to get plays via software or bots will get you banned immediately. Also abusing our system by uploading copyrighted contents such as chris brown songs, davido songs etc will get you banned. Only upload songs that you make or have rights over. 

Can i get a Refund?

We only give refund if we are at fault. Its clearly stated we don't accept copyrighted materials, going against this policy will get your track deleted by our team and as such can't give refund. If you think we deleted your song by mistake or you actually have rights over the track we deleted then kindly contact us.

What is Upload Wallet?

Uploading of tracks on Ngsound depends on your upload wallet. We charge N2,000 per song you upload. You can fund your wallet as much as you want and use it at your discretion.

What is Estimated Earnings?

Earnings generated from each valid engagement of your tracks.

How do you guys earn money to be able to pay us?

We display advertisements on our site we generate thousands of dollars monthly all is paid out to musicians without keeping any to ourselves. That is why we charge one time fee of N2000 for each song you upload to cover company cost.

How am i sure i will be paid and its not another scam?

The following reasons will help you make your decision.

1. Our minimum withdrawal is just N2,000. With N50 per play X 50 plays you already have N2500 to withdraw to your Bank account or Paypal. No scam site will give such low payouts.

2. Fast customer service. Message us and we are ready to reply as soon as possible 

3. Top notch site design. We wont invest so much time in building such a structure just to scam. We are 100% legit. Give us a try

Many more you will find out as we work.

I Just added funds to my wallet and its not appearing?

We are sorry about that, due to network.... issues like these happen. Kindly message us and will fix it.

Payment Methods?

To fund your wallet we accept Payments using card only, using Paystack. To receive your money we send payments using Bank transfer and Paypal.

When do i get paid?

After request it takes 1 to 15 business days to get paid via Bank transfer or Paypal.

I mistakenly Uploaded another song, what do i do?

Kindly contact us and our support team will try as much as possible to review your case ASAP.

Still have more questions? Contact us or use our Livechat feature

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